About Kalimo

Kalimo - perfection in every detail.

In Kalimo we care about the details. High quality and perfect fit defines Kalimo lingerie. Our aim is to give customers the unforgettable impression of taylor-made product with a little touch of sensual originality. The feedback of positive emotions is the fuel for Kalimo mechanism...



Despite countless hours of work by our design team, a model will not be approved, if the quality will not represent the highest level, and vice versa: the production will not start without a good idea. The project and its production are like Siamese brothers. They live always together. That's why our designers do not simply work in Kalimo - they are making Kalimo live. They spend a lot of time in search of the right materials, laces, ribbons... in search of an idea of what will be born into the wold. The next stage is the most nervous. Emotions collide with numbers. The product must be of the highest quality, but it must also be affordable. A lot of math, negotiation, nerves ...and finally acceptance! Kalimo can share a designer vision with customers, as the production starts...

Quality control

Producing lingerie is not that hard. There is a lot of lingerie manufactures. Asian markets will always beet us with production costs. So why does Kalimo exists? 
Because we care about every detail and we know that our customers will appreciate it. We are making a product that will make a woman feel special and comfortable at the same time. To do so we need to put a lot of work. Both the materials used in production must be of the highest quality and the production itself must be at the highest level.

In Kalimo we care about personal relationships with both our clients and partners. We work only with those suppliers who warrant their products for their name. Such relationships can not be kept at a distance. That's why our lingerie is made mainly from materials derived from reliable sources in the European Union. Also, the whole production takes place in the EU where Kalimo holds a 100% charge of the entire production process. Prices of our products are extremely competitive thanks to hard work on the stage of the project and its acceptance. We are able to get close to the prices of Asian products while offering unmatched quality.


Product presentation

Presentation of Kalimo lingerie is pure pleasure. Model invited to Kalimo photosession is the first person from outside of Kalimo that tests the product. Her words of appreciation ends the development process and outlines a smile on the designers face. Both a model and photograper have a lot of fun while working for Kalimo. You can see that great attitiude on the pictures. That's what Kalimo is all about. We will make you feel the same way. Whether you are a contractor, client or just newly met person. You will fall in love in Kalimo as soon as you see our products. Buy it... Try it... and see how Kalimo works...


Product packaging

 In Kalimo we know how important the packaging of the product is, especially when it comes to making a special kind of gift. Kalimo is not just lingerie. Kalimo also means positive emotions and they start just at the time when the packaged product gets into the right hands. Snow-white box comes from the loud factory full of paper dust and cardboard dirt. It's hard to believe that such a harsh environment, produces such a clan packaging. Probably a Kalimo customer will not be aware that the packaging it is not only the result of the work of an artist, but also engineering activities and a hefty dose of mathematics. Production cardboard sheet B1 is divided into lanes with almost no margins calculated to reduce waste to minimum. We care about every inch... as we care about every detail in Kalimo. We know what our customers need. We know how to give them only positive emotions. We are the best at what we do!