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A fairly simple but very luxurious chemiseby Kalimo.

This piece underlines the bust perfectly and snugly fits to the body. The cups are profiled with microfiber and gently supported by a white protruding inset enclosing the breasts from the bottom up. The whole is fastened with a narrow hem at the top.

The waist is narrowed for a better fit, then again the chemise gets a little wider towards the hips. Such profiling emphasizes feminine shapes, the fabric from which the chemise is made plays the most important role here, though: the microfiber perfectly adapts to the shape of the body. It is elastic, and along as the body moves it forms beautiful shimmering waves which add to its extraordinary charm and bestow a flair of luxury.

The chemise is extraordinarily light, it wraps itself around the body like a mist being durable at the same time. It well adapts to both small and large breasts and only requires adjustment on the shoulder straps.

For this chemise we also recommend the “Petit” dressing gown by Kalimo. Together, they create a wonderful light and luxurious set.

The design:

  • comfortable, fits the right body parts
  • elegant, sexy, seductive
  • length of camisole measured from the side seam: approx. 26 ¾ in.

 The fabric:

  • softer than silk, extremely soft microfiber
  • ideal for allergy sufferers – non-irritating
  • lightness, air permeability
  • resisting deformation and washing

 Extra product features:

  • underwear packed in a beautiful, big box (ideal as a gift)
  • microfibre: 87% poliamid, 13% elastan.