PIERRE SET (viscose)

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The “Pierre” set is a comfortable set in a southern style. A comfortable, loosely fitting T-shirt and skimpy, soft shorts. The upper part of the blouse and the lower part of the shorts are finished with a contrasting hem. No sleeves. Instead: two layers of ruffled lace for a puffed effect. Did you know that by optically widening your shoulders, you make the impression of a narrower waist? Now see how it works!

Keep your comfort in mind. The fabric from which the set is made of 95% viscose, softly and pleasantly snuggling the body. It is one of the best materials for comfortable pajamas. If you value your comfort and want to look great at home, too, we recommend this set both as a stand-alone creation and paired with matching dressing gowns by Kalimo, e.g. “Alegranza” or “Chios”.

The design:

  • comfortable, fits the right body parts
  • casual, girlish
  • total length of the t-shirt measured along the side seam: ok.42cm
  • total length of shorts measured along the side seam: ok. 22cm

 The fabric:

  • top quality, breathing viscose, the so called „wood silk”
  • floral lace
  • lightness, air permeability

 Extra product features:

  • underwear packed in a beautiful, big box (ideal as a gift)
  • fabric composition: 95% viscose, 5% spandex.