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A luxurious, light, casual and very comfortable dressing gown for both everyday use and special occasions. It fits perfectly with other more skimpy underwear by Kalimo. Especially that made of matching microfiber.

The dressing gown is light but keeps very warm. Easy to put on, even on the go, it will fly nicely behind you when you move around the living room or cover your skimpy underwear (if any) when you girdle it around the waist.

The dressing gown comes with a girdle which perfectly ties it around the waist, creating the shapes we all fall for – wide shoulders at the top, the waist tightly tied with the girdle and becoming flared towards the wider hips. It’s the essence of a female body shape wrapped in a pleasant and luxurious packing. This is the reason why Kalimo has been designing its underwear for years.

If you've never wrapped your body in luxury lingerie you have to try it. First, a more modest set, and then the matching dressing gown. The utmost pleasure for you, not to mention the pleasure for your significant other...

The design:

  • comfortable, fits the right body parts
  • elegant, sexy, seductive
  • length measured along the side seam: approx. 35 in.

 The fabric:

  • softer than silk, extremely soft microfiber
  • ideal for allergy sufferers – non-irritating
  • lightness, air permeability
  • resisting deformation and washing

 Extra product features:

  • waist-emphasizing belt
  • underwear packed in a beautiful, big box (ideal as a gift)
  • microfibre: 87% poliamid, 13% elastan.