MARIANNE SET (microfibre)

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An extremely sexy, airy and elegant set.

The upper part is made of luxurious microfiber. The bust is profiled with just the microfiber, soft and pleasant to the touch on both sides. At the same time, its design (with a girdle around it) nicely shapes and holds the bust together. A masterpiece in the field of ultra light underwear design.

Further down: a soft and transparent mesh, nicely flared. With the right light, it creates an attractive play of shadows and reflections on the body that will surely shine through here and there – that's what it's all about. This is the essence of this underwear – the tulle acts as a mist.

The chemise is finished with a delicate hem that optically compliments the whole thing like a dress, with grace and character. That’s the point, isn’t it?

The set comes with matching skimpy panties (thong) – made of microfiber entirely. This set is one of the lightest and most delicate Kalimo products. The whole thing weighs nothing, so it is also recommended for long journeys. Oh, and many pieces of this kind of underwear will fit in your suitcase! Be prepared for any occasion – anytime, anywhere, wherever you go...

We also recommend taking the matching “Petit” dressing gown by Kalimo with you. For chillier nights or just for an intriguing start of the evening ;)


  • flirtatious, sexy
  • casual
  • total chemise length on the side seam: approx. 24.8 ft.


  • soft, elastic tulle + microfibre
  • soft and delicate

 Additional features:

  • lingerie packed in a beautiful big box (perfect as a gift)
  • material composition: polyester.