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The “Felicite” camisole is a southern style in a lightweight, seemingly summer-like form and luxurious shape.

You tie the camisole on the shoulders like a swimsuit and it adapts to fit the body from the top like a corset, and is finished in Spanish style in the lower part. Beautiful, isn’t it?

For the most part this chemise is made of flexible microfiber, so it fits perfectly and gives a pleasant feeling of being wrapped in a soft fabric. The bust design has a special stitching here however with soft microfiber topped with an elastic hem only. This way the bust is properly held together and profiled, but doesn’t lose its natural character. All in all the whole is soft and pleasant to the touch on both sides. Ladies with larger or smaller breasts can adjust the fit and neckline by tying the chemise higher or lower on the shoulders.

From the hips down, the chemise has a lace, slightly see-through finish that creates a beautiful play of light and shadows on a lady's legs. Together with the slightly shimmering top the electrifying impression is complete – especially in the right light.

This chemise is only available in black: the color of luxury and the color that the warm bedroom light likes best. To compliment this chemise we recommend the “Samui” dressing gown. Together, they create a wonderful light and luxurious set.

The design:

  • comfortable, fits the right body parts
  • elegant, sexy, seductive
  • length of chemise measured from the shoulder: approx. 31,1 in.

 The fabric:

  • softer than silk, extremely soft microfiber
  • ideal for allergy sufferers – non-irritating
  • lightness, air permeability
  • resisting deformation and washing

 Extra product features:

  • lace on the bottom
  • underwear packed in a beautiful, big box (ideal as a gift)
  • microfibre: 87% poliamid, 13% elastan.